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Christmas Carols in 7 Languages ​​and Dialects

Christmas Carols in 7 Languages ​​and Dialects

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Explore the sonic diversity of the holidays with our latest sheet music edition "Christmas Carols in 7 Languages ​​and Dialects" by ipipapa. The peculiarity of this unique edition lies in the innovative notation: the original language is accompanied by automated IPA transcriptions, making it possible to sing in any language desired. Ideal for choirs and music lovers, we also offer free additional material online, including audio recordings, further reading and introductions to IPA. Order now and let the cultural diversity of the Christmas season sound in your music.


Languages and dialects included:

Bavarian, German, Ecclesiastical Latin (German), Low German, Swedish, Czech, Ukrainian


  • Es wird scho glei dumpa | ʔɛs veɐt ʃo ɡlaːe ˈdʊmpa
  • Narodil se Kristus Pán | ˈnarɔɟɪl sɛ ˈkrɪstus paːn
  • O Dannenbom | ʔoːʊ ˈdanənboːm
  • Quem pastores laudavere | kvɛm pasˈtorɛs ˌlaːodaˈverɛ
  • Půjdem spolu do Betléma | ˈpuːjdɛm ˈspɔlu dɔ ˈbɛtlɛːma
  • Sankta Lucia | ˈsaŋta lʉːˈsiːa
  • Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen | ʃneːflœkçən vaɪsrœkçən
  • Stilla natt, heliga natt! | ˈstila nat ˈheːliɡa nat
  • Щедрик | ˈʃtʃɛdrɪk

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