You want to sing in any language you can imagine? We have your back!

You don't know French, Japanese, or Ukrainian?
But you want to sing in foreign languages because you are as fascinated by the countries and cultures of this world as we are? Then you are exactly right with us!.

Best for singing in the choir 2023

Awarded the special prize of the best edition 2023: The Ukrainian choral piece Vse upovaniie moie ("All My Hope") by Hanna Hawrylez and the internationally known Ganznächtlich Vigil by Sergei Rachmaninoff for the first time complete with phonetic transcriptions in the musical text.

"In our multilingual world, this project has a lot of potential and makes it easier for choirs to deal with foreign languages and bring them to the stage."
(from the statement of the jury of the German Music Publishers Association)

International workshops on singing with phonetic transcription

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to use our coaches for singing in foreign languages and for the topics of language ♯speaking ♯singing ♯culture for your projects. On our coaching website LANG ROLE we offer workshops and coaching for singing in foreign languages as an interactive experience.

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