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Hanna Hawrylez



Orthodox song to the Virgin Mary


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Discover with us the unique opportunity to experience the music of Hanna Hawrylez, an award-winning Ukrainian composer and deserving artist of Ukraine, with phonetic transcription — IPA. Learn more about her famous choral works, including Prayer to the Virgin Mary, in which she uses her typical Ukrainian tonal language and which she herself describes as "the only stimulus for her creativity". Our sheet music is perfect for singers and choirs who wish to improve their skills in a foreign language or their mother tongue. In 1999, she was awarded the Taras Shevchenko Prize, Ukraine's highest prize for art and culture. Our sheet music provides singers with a phonetic transcription directly in the sheet music, perfect for singing in a foreign language or perfecting your own singing.
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    Enthalten neben Informationen zum Singen mit IPA im Ukrainischen einen allgemeinen kritischen Bericht und weiterführende Literatur.

    IPA for Ukrainian