Hanna Hawrylez 2019

The captivating music of Hanna Hawrylez (Ганна Олексіївна Гаврилець/Hanna Oleksiïvna Havrylecʹ): A tribute to her inspiring compositions

Today we would like to introduce you to the talented composer Hanna Hawrylez, whose music touches us deeply. In this post, we take a look at her captivating musical output and bring you two of her standout pieces, available at ipipapa.

Hanna Hawrylez was a Ukrainian composer whose music takes listeners on an emotional journey. Her works are characterized by their depth, expressiveness and artistic sophistication. She died in February 2022 shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine due to lack of medical care. Despite her untimely death, she left a musical legacy that inspires and moves.

The entire ipipapa team is delighted to bring you two remarkable pieces by Hanna Hawrylez. These works testify to her extraordinary creativity and deep musical understanding. Let's take a closer look:

  1. 'Vse Upovaniie Moie' (Eng. 'All My Hope') is a poignant piece that reflects the human longing for hope and comfort. The composition captures the essence of these emotions and weaves them into a melodic narrative. The sheet music edition of this impressive piece by Hanna Hawrylez is available from ipipapa. This edition was awarded the special prize of the jury for the Best Edition 2023 by the German Association of Music Publishers - link.
  2. "Molitva" (Eng. "Prayer") is an immersive musical experience that explores the spiritual dimension of human existence. The harmonic structures and melodic phrases create an atmosphere of contemplation and inner peace. You can also discover the sheet music edition of "Molitva" at ipipapa - link.

Ipipapa sees itself as a platform and wants to enrich the musical world of singers and audiences alike. With our sheet music editions by the composer Hanna Hawrylez, her inspiring compositions are made accessible to a wide audience. Thanks to the innovative ipipapa technology, choirs and singers can convincingly interpret the fascinating music of Hanna Hawrylez in their original language and thus fully reproduce the essence of their works. Not to mention the amazing experience of singing together in a foreign language.

Hanna Hawrylez was undoubtedly a remarkable composer whose music can captivate us. Her captivating compositions give us access to deep emotions and spiritual experiences. At ipipapa we are proud to present her music and hope to edit many more pieces from her. Do you have a specific work in mind? Then feel free to contact us or write to us: info@ipipapa.com .

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