Der magische Klang von ipipapa und das Geheimnis unseres Namens

The magical sound of ipipapa and the secret of our name

Welcome to the ipipapa blog, the place where music and language go hand in hand! Today we unravel the mystery behind our name and take you on the journey of our origin story.

  • IPA magic: Our name is derived from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). We have used the magic of this unique alphabet to simplify singing in foreign languages and link it directly to musical notes.
  • Simple sounds, worldwide melody: The sounds "i", "p" and "a" are not only easy to pronounce, but can also be found in almost every language in the world. A universal melody that connects the world!
  • Uniqueness that is worth protecting: Our name is not only unique, but also protected by a European trademark. Where it says ipipapa on it, the whole world of singing in foreign languages is inside.
  • Play of vowels and melodic sound: The play of the vowels "i" and "a" uses the intrinsic basic frequency of these sounds, which automatically makes our name sound melodious.

However, a unique name like ipipapa can also be confused with similar-sounding names such as ipapa, ipipa, papapipi or pipipapa 😊. This may sound funny at first, but when it happens, we can all laugh about it.

Now, some might say that our name is hard to remember, but let's be honest - isn't that what makes it so memorable? In any case, we are convinced that the name "ipipapa" will also help us stand out in the world of start-ups.

Magic greetings from the ipipapa team!
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