Best Edition Preis für ipipapa, Theresa Henkel und Korbinian Slavik mit der Urkunde

Startup ipipapa wins renowned music publisher award Best Edition

Leipzig, April 27, 2023 - The Munich startup ipipapa was awarded the renowned Best Edition prize by the German Association of Music Publishers today. This prize usually goes to established and long-standing publishers, but ipipapa was able to convince the jury with its concept and sheet music editions just one year after it was founded.

The startup has developed a groundbreaking technology that automatically writes an internationally readable phonetic transcription (IPA) in music notes. The idea behind it is to make it easy to sing in all languages and to bring the singability of vocal music to a new level worldwide.

The jury of the music publishers' association was particularly impressed by ipipapa's ability to integrate the phonetic transcription into the music, taking into account the vocal characteristics, and thus paving the way for singing compositions in their original languages at the highest level without any effort. The startup received the Special Jury Prize for Sergei Rachmaninoff's All-Night Vigil in Church Slavonic and a Ukrainian piece by a composer who died three days after the Russian invasion due to lack of medical care.

"We are very proud of this Best Edition award," said ipipapa's CEO, Korbinian Slavik. “Our goal has always been to make singing in all languages easier and we believe that with our technology and excellent editions we can make an important contribution to this. At the same time, with this approach, we give works from unknown cultures and female composers a new status.”

ipipapa's technology has the potential to revolutionize the way people sing and make music around the world. The Special Jury Award for Best Edition 2023 is an exciting milestone for the company and a testament to the team's dedication and hard work.

Ipipapa looks forward to further improving this technology and bringing it to the world. With this award, they will surely attract more attention and inspire even more people.

About ipipapa: ipipapa is a startup from the district of Munich that specializes in the development of technologies to support singing in all languages. With a groundbreaking technology that automatically converts an internationally legible phonetic transcription into musical notes, the company wants to take singing to a new level worldwide. Visit for more information.

Contact: Dr. Theresa Henkel, ipipapa +49 15256174301

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