Johann Sebastian Bach Statue in Leipzig

300 years Thomaskantor: Interesting facts about Johann Sebastian Bach

Exactly 300 years ago today, Johann Sebastian Bach was appointed Thomaskantor in Leipzig - a position he held until his death in 1750. On this special day, the team at sheet music publisher ipipapa would like to share a few interesting facts about the composer with you:

1. As one of the most important composers of his time, Johann Sebastian Bach wrote more than 1,000 works, including cantatas, oratorios, masses, sonatas and suites.

2. Bach worked closely with the Thomanerchor and wrote many works especially for this choir.

3. Bach had a fondness for coffee and even wrote a humorous cantata "Kaffeekantata".

4. Bach had 20 children, only ten of whom survived to adulthood. Many of them became musicians themselves, among them Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

5. Bach was invited by Frederick the Great in 1747 to play a sonata on one of his flute instruments. However, the flute was tuned in an unusual key unfamiliar to Bach. Nevertheless, he played the sonata perfectly right from the start.

6. Some experts believe that Bach suffered from an eye condition that caused him to gradually become blind throughout his life.

7. The sheet music publisher ipipapa has also devoted itself to the demanding music of JS Bach. The Bach motet "Singet dem Herrn" (BWV 225) has recently been added to the new repertoire of our web shop. In addition, the first copies can be purchased directly from our stand at the Leipzig Book Fair next week. ipipapa will publish other motets by Bach with IPA transcriptions soon.

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